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A PLP news update for Winter/Spring 2016

February 2016  |  Published in Latest News


As the Prisoners Literature Project works on setting up some official newsletters, we wanted to update you all on some of the ongoing projects we’re working on.

We’re continuing on our quest to keep sending books to the needy U.S. prisoners who mail us daily requesting them. The good news is that – with your help – we’re continuing to have a really strong throughput of books and packages.

Even though we’re getting more than 250 letters per week from prisoners, we’re keeping up with demand, and are less than one month behind on our replies. (Yes, that means we’re sending out 1,000 packages a month and around 3,000 books!)

So thanks again, and here’s all the latest updates for the PLP for Winter/Spring 2016 (thanks to Peter for masterminding/compiling):

BABFlogowithChronLogoUpcoming Bay Area events you’ll (likely) see the PLP have a presence at

Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair Saturday April 23 / Oakland Metro Operahouse. This is a great fair (speakers! workshops! zines!), and we’ll be there in force this year. Join us!

Bay Area Book Festival Saturday June 4 & Sunday June 5. Downtown Berkeley. Lots going on here, and we’re excited to participate:

New prison restrictions list

Designed, compiled, and created by Martha (with help from Rochelle), our glorious new restrictions list will finally premiere starting Sunday, February 28. This fabulous new list will allow PLP volunteers adds to our research to note U.S. prisoners’ comments about restrictions (how many books are allowed, new vs/ used books, and other special requirements.)

It will also include PLP coordinator notes about returned packages & changing prison policies. The culmination of months of hard work, this living Google doc will be revised and reprinted on an ongoing basis. No more out-of-date lists!

StoryBundle raising money for the PLP

The pay-what-you-want DRM-free eBook website is currently offering a bundle of board/video game-themed eBooks (more info) with PLP as the designated charity/curator cut – thanks to Simon for setting this up!

We’ve already raised more than $2,000 for the PLP from generous bundle buyers, and there’s just a few days left, so make sure to tell your video-game loving friends about it and select the PLP from the charity drop-down box when you/they buy.

commthriftCommunity Thrift Store partnership expanding

Our partnership with San Francisco’s Community Thrift Store is expanding! Known for its excellent book selection, the Thrift has kindly agreed to donate their excess books — overstock, books that have rotated out, or that they don’t think will sell — to the PLP.

Community Thrift already donates money to PLP. When people — like you! — donate surplus items to the Thrift and list the PLP as beneficiary, some of the proceeds come back to us. So drop off your extra stuff at the Thrift!

New book sources

Lately, we’ve been led to secret caches of inexpensive & worthwhile books by Jessica T and Carolyn — and Eleanor and Rhiannon and Colin have all donated piles of worthwhile titles. We’re also grabbing a great cache of books from the College Prep School book sale in Oakland this weekend – thanks to volunteers and the book sale for allowing us special dispensations.

Our heartfelt thanks to each of you! Please keep them coming! We’re shipping 600-800 books a week — we need books!

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