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Prisoners Literature Project – how you helped us deliver in 2023!

December 2023  |  Published in Announcements, Latest News

Welcome to our last update of 2023. As the New Year approaches, we want to thank all of our co-ordinators, volunteers, bookstore partners, and donors for making it another very successful year sending free books to incarcerated folks in 49 U.S. states.

We recommend following our Instagram feed to keep up on the PLP. But here’s some highlights for the year:

– We sent out over 10,000 packages of new & used books into U.S. prisons, and truly matched books to the requests of so many – who would have otherwise gone without.
– We bolstered the books in our dedicated library space by getting donations from publishers like Tor & local bookstore partners (and even from Palm Springs!)
– We participated in local book fairs to spread the word and re-sell books we can’t otherwise send out!
– We hosted students from the social justice program at Berkeley High School, and will do more student sessions in 2024.
– We got some wonderful thank-you letters from incarcerated folks who are able to be inspired, learn new skills, or transport their minds with our books.

With thousands of hours of volunteering from those who help us pick and pack books yearly – not to mention the many generous donations you give – PLP’s outreach wouldn’t have been possible in 2023. So thank you!

Final reminder: tax-deductible donations welcome before end of year!

Since we only have a few days left until the end of 2023, we wanted to remind everyone preparing your annual donations to non-profits:

– We greatly appreciate your money donations via credit card or PayPal. 
– We’re a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit, so those donations are tax-deductible!
– If you want to donate via check, feel free to send it via the Bound Together Books address in San Francisco (our book store partner!)

Finally, if you have a specific directed donation in mind, or some other way to help the cause, please email us direct and we can discuss it.

The vast majority of your donations go towards a) the $60,000+ U.S. Postal Service bill we get every year b) buying select ‘remaindered’ books that we can’t get donated c) rent on our dedicated library space. (All vital to our continued work!)

Thanks once again for your support, and happy holidays,
– PLP co-ordinators and friends.

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